What we do
What we do

We are your partner in helping your brand delight and engage your consumers.

Whether your needs seem large or small, Indelible Creative Services is here to help define a path to success and work with you to realize that success. From developing a website to editing episodes for broadcast or managing the distribution and marketing of your independent film, Indelible is here to help.

Creative Services

Production Services

Marketing Services

Creative Solutions
Web Services

Website design and content management

If you are looking for a creative, compelling, clean & dynamic website to represent your company on the world wide web then look no further. Indelible Creative Services is always pushing the limit of modern web design using up to date web standards and clean design to push your company’s web presence to the next level from a visual and/or technical approach.

Using Wordpress and or other third party software solutions, we can make the content on your website manageable by your organization and we will provide support to get you going.

E-Blast / newsletter design

Looking to reach out to existing and/or new customers? We can create dynamic, attractive electronic newsletters to get your message out there.

Static or animated banner design

Interested in utilizing web advertisements and want to stand out amongst the clutter? Let us help you create a great looking banner campaign that can be static or animated in many formats including gif, flash and JavaScript formats.

Search engine optimization(SEO)

Let us optimize your web content to ensure you are getting great placement in search engine results.

Coordinate with hosting services

We will contact your current host provider or help you get set up with one – either way we’ll make sure you’ve got the plan that is most appropriate for your website needs.

Print Services

Branding and identity

A brand refers to the perceived image and subsequent emotional response to a company, its products and services. An identity describes the visual devices used to represent the company. Whereas a logo is the central, identifiable visual element that helps customers discover, share and remember a company’s brand.

This is why brand identity is the central nervous system of your business and represents your values and ethics as well as those of your customers. At Indelible we apply our years of experience and the latest techniques to help make your first impression an Indelible one .

Package design

In today's competitive market place, it's harder than ever to attract a consumer's attention. It's estimated that the average consumer spends less than a second scanning shelves, and in that time, will make a decision on whether or not to purchase any given product. The discipline of package design focuses on producing a container that will get noticed.

By skillfully teaming colourful graphics, a unique shape, or any other eye-arresting method we can give you an edge on the competitor.

Ad, brochure, poster design

Looking to create compelling print materials? With many years of experience in print design our designers will provide professional results every time. Maintaining your brand from the creation to the production process.

Trade-show and large format design

Here at Indelible Creative Services we understand large format design and the processes and requirements to achieve an optimal product. We guarantee professional results.

Coordinate printing

We will work directly with the printer to make sure the end product is completed correctly with impeccable results.

Motion Graphic Services

DVD / Blu-ray user interface design

Maximizing the user experience is the number one goal here, but at the same time why not have a great looking interface as well? We will produce a great looking design for your end user with crystal clear, pixel perfect graphics and breathtaking animation.

Display Graphics

Want to take your display advertising to another level? Here at Indelible Creative Services we use the latest animation trends and software to add life to your existing or new display advertising.

Animated infographics

Is your subject matter not the most exciting? Does your subject matter lack excitement? Adding animation to your content can make it more engaging.

2D and 3D motion graphics

Corporate videos, viral videos, movies, commercials, display graphics, logo bumpers and more - we can create 2d and 3d effects for any digital medium.

Production Solutions
Audio Production

Full audio post-production

Audio post-production is the process of creating a soundtrack for a visual work; it encompasses a number of different processes. Each project may require some, or all of these processes. The audio suite at Indelible Creative Services is fully equipped with the latest digital audio software and hardware to meet all your project’s needs.

Voice-over/ADR recording in whisper room booth

Our audio suite includes a voice-over booth which can be used to record voice-overs as well as synced dialogue replacement.

Stereo to 5.1 surround mixing capabilities

With high quality 5.1 monitoring and full bass management, Indelible Creative Services has the tools to produce superior audio mixes for all video productions, radio programming and radio commercials.

Comprehensive library of sound effects and production music

The addition of ambience and effects can add depth to a soundtrack and bring a project to life. Indelible Creative Services has an extensive sound FX library.

Coordinate custom composition and music production

Indelible Creative Services works directly with music composers and artists that are able to produce custom music either blind or to an existing video.

Video Production

Creative editorial

Our talented editors edit all types of productions from including 30 second commercials, 3 minute corporate videos, 30 minute broadcast episodic television, full length documentaries and films and everything in between — nothing is too small or large.

Post visual effects

From darkening a bright window in shot to safety rig removal, not all effects can be done while filming so we do it in Post Visual Effects. Let the crew at Indelible take your VFX needs and get them ready for your audience.

Digital compositing

Digital Compositing is the process of digitally assembling multiple images to make a final image in either 2D or 3D space. Utilizing the latest software and techniques, the team at Indelible is ready for your next project.

Colour grading & correction

Colour grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image. Colour Correction is altering the colour of light, typically done while filming. While both are similar, the ICS crew is ready to take your project to the next level.

Digital compression & delivery

Indelible Creative Services utilizes many of the industries standard applications for digital compression. Digital Compression is the process of taking a file and converting it to another format/codec. File Delivery of these files via internet though various forms from ASPERA, FTP and other online large file delivery means.

Closed Captioning

Created for the hearing impaired, closed captions are a text version of the spoken parts of a video. Pair our digital compression & delivery service to handle all pre-recorded CC and network delivery requirements. Read More >

Described Video

Designed as an audible aid for the visual impaired, Described Video is an audio track describing the actions on screen. Here at Indelible we take your video, write the DV script, record the voice track and combine it all together to make your video more accessible for your audience. Read More >

DVD/Blu-ray Authoring

Simple disk production

Simple disc creation is DVD/Blu-ray authoring of a single play, looped play or under 5 button disk. Let Indelible Creative Services prepare your video for your next promotional video DVD, trade show display media or in-store video loop.

Complex disk production

A complex disk production either DVD or Blu-ray has multiple button, menus, audio languages, closed captioning & sub-titles and more. No matter the size of your box set for an episodic broadcast series or a feature film release, Indelible is here to author your next production.

User interface design

Working hand in hand the Creative and Production teams at Indelible create dynamic designs, either static or with video and motion graphics paired with audio for user interfaces on DVD and Blu-ray to capture your viewing audience.

Copy protection and encryption

Indelible Creative Services works directly with the replicators to coordinate copy protection and encryption with replicator for your mass produced DVD or Blu-ray project.

Disk quality control

Coordinate with professional disk testing facility to ensure the highest successful play ratio for consumer disc players, as well as functionality of the menu structure. Its all about quality at ICS, and that is why we strive for nothing but perfection for every project.

Marketing Solutions
Strategic Services

Brand identity development including equity and positioning statements

Establish what makes your brand distinct from your competition including visualizing and measuring the value of that brand.

Strategic planning for brand evolution

Developing a road map for brand development over time to increase value in the long term.

Financial modelling (investment/payback)

Forecasting future financial outcomes based on various potential actions and conditions.

Creative and media brief development

Developing concise documents to guide brand/project work based on research, meetings and discussions with the client.

Project Management Services

Project plan development

A clear defining document that outlines the project scope, and requirements and manages change processes to identify and minimize risk to successful project completion.

Detailed timeline creation and maintenance

Establishing a formal, approved document used to guide both project execution and project control through highlighting the interdependencies of tasks and deadlines.

Detailed and transparent budget maintenance and reporting

Development of a project budget spreadsheet that captures and compares plan vs. actual activity allowing real time decisions to manage budgets.

Coordinate activities of all outside vendor partners

As a master agency, manage the activities of outside partners to the same standard of performance as members of Indelible Creative Services.

Communication Services

Social media management and reporting

Develop the strategy, post calendar and post content for the project leveraging analytics of past posts to optimize ongoing activity.

Advertising planning and execution

Develop creative and media plans aligned with client approved briefs to maximize success against project goals.

Promotion planning and execution

Develop promotional programs that integrate with the overall project goal and brand positioning and provide seamless execution .

PR campaign management

Create a plan and coordinate resources to supplement the marketing plan with targeted press coverage.

Event planning and execution

Manage all aspects of events associated with PR or promotional activity.